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A Traveler’s Entry-Level Package to Surviving a Sagada, Mt. Province Trip

Impromptu adventures are my favorite! Not only do they materialize but they also have a way of surprising you about things that you didn’t think would make a difference.

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Staycation Avenue + The dangers of pursuing your passion

Find the courage to laugh at your misfindings and miscalculations. To take time to enjoy the small things.

08/21/2016 · 2 Comments

The other side of Osmeña Peak no one barely sees

Of course I had to show you the expectation vs. reality, behind-the-scene shots because I nearly fainted but I had to pose like nothing bothers. (insert smiling-crying emoji)

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What island-hopping in Lapu-lapu looks like

Mactan Islands – pieces of a paradise, just an hour away from the city.     These are the list of islands (major to small) that you can go to. … Continue reading

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How to get to Cuatro Islas – the 4 scenic islands of Leyte

Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: if you choose the simple things & find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.

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How to get to Bantayan Island in Cebu

Let’s go to Bantayan Island! So the first itinerary of 2016 for me would be to get myself tanned by going to the beach as many times as possible. That’s … Continue reading

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Hometown Palompon: Kalanggaman Island before it became a mainstream

A tribute to my cousin Jade, this was our last time together. Reminds me to cherish every present moment given to spend with your loved ones. AND so the summer … Continue reading

04/15/2015 · 1 Comment

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