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Taiwan: Are You Getting Lost in the Right Direction?

My memories of traveling to each different countries is unique. To each, its own. the most important factor I consider when I distinguishably rate a place is the people. To … Continue reading

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My Great Thai Adventure: What to expect when in Bangkok

if you’re visiting a city, do not go to museums or tourist destination, go to places where the locals dwell and you will observe their way of living. and that’s exactly what we did

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When I Talk about Tokyo

“I like being a stranger in a place. You’re kind of an outsider, and I think that’s what makes you. It’s the only way I’ve ever known.”- Natalie Portman

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HK: Best of Asia

HongKong: not for the lack of trying A comeback for me in the world of blogging and nonstop chattering about the stuffs I consider essential either to talk about or … Continue reading

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Dubayy: Middle East Metropolis

Dubai is known to house thousands of different nationalities coming and going. Not just the Arab people of the Middle East but all throughout the world. April 3 2014 :Starting … Continue reading

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Ferrari World: Abu Dhabi

September 5 2011 : ” Iye’s birthday lead us to AUH yesterday. and oh the fun we had is sooo underrated! You know that feeling of exhaustion from having to … Continue reading

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Korea: The land of the morning calm.

Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 [hello] The first day, I was sitting in a sidewalk cafe at midnoon sipping my apple latte watching the view from my window opposite the Chaekdokgyung Palace. i still cant … Continue reading

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Standing on Solid RAK: Ras Al Kaimah,UAE

Ras Al Kaimah: The farthest emirate One fine day it descended to me like fire, i mustered up the courage to go on a road trip alone.  So i got … Continue reading

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Singing my heart out in Singapore.

How i mused in the Concrete Jungle that is Singapore “A City in a Garden” – and indeed it is a magnificent nature amidst the metropolis. Aside from being held … Continue reading

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Exploring Macau: Making Emblems of Sights Overlooked

To travel is to know oneself.

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