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13 of my Must-bring Essentials to the Beach

Going to the beach? Kalanggaman Island to be exact. I have learned that in order not to forget the essentials, I need to make a list beforehand. A compilation of … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s List of Samurai Movies You Need to Watch Now

Long before Harry Potter and Marvel there was anime. I think I was nine or ten years old back then when I seriously wondered why men with weird half-shaven heads … Continue reading

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8 Kdrama 2nd Leads that you rather wish was “The One”

망했어 !!! ~~ [banghaesseo] roughly translated to english as “I’m screwed!” is a popular expression on doramas. I, however use this on moments where I totally fall for the hidden … Continue reading

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6 Habits of Filipinos that won’t Help Make Any Difference

People tearing each other apart? We have a name for that – crab mentality. It’s so common that it makes me so sad to think that people who has this type of attitude can otherwise make so many other productive things to do in life rather that making it a mission to pull people down.

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Which Creative Type are you? (8 types to choose from)

It seems like everywhere I go, the more I see the less I know..

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I can give you 4 Reasons why I love being Asian.

Spoiler: This is not a racial thing.

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10 Things I Love about Me

I need this reminder. Yes. That thing they call “Note to Self”.

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New Year’s Resolution: NOTHING

This time is where people profess to make all things new. To vow to be better, to face new challenges and all that jazz. This blog entry is about to tell you otherwise.

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4 Kdrama Love Pairs that will grow on you

Young Do: Where are you?
Kim Tan: Inside your heart.

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