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Must-Have Wardrobe Items I’m Keeping Until Next Year

  As I officially leave the calendar this year, perhaps prior to that inevitable demeanor I already had subtly left the flashy fashion scene. I realized I have been opting … Continue reading

12/19/2016 · 2 Comments

Sense, Photoshoots & Headshots

Maybe it is meant to be hard. Maybe it is meant to hurt. This is suppose to be an indication that you are growing. Remember that you cannot grow without … Continue reading

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7 Approaches on How to Style Yourself Better

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion mogul. But for those who compliment my outfit sense and keeps asking for styling advices, this is for you.

05/07/2016 · Leave a comment

A walk in the park.

This year for me has been wrought with little revolutions. In trying to overcome my fear of defeat. My head tells me it won’t look right; i’ll do it the wrong way; etc. etc. So this is my little victory, my little revolution against my fear of being wrong. “

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The green mundane. Summer is Here

I have an insane calling of being where I’m not.

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That crazy, all-black lady

So i had this epiphany that I need to capture my default nature of wearing black all the time. I promise I’m not obsessed nor I restrict my wardrobe to … Continue reading

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