About the Writer


I dont want to live small. That’s my greatest fear. That i would succumb to the narrowest of minds. I dont think i’m belittling people when they choose to dwell on their own worlds, own planet. When they believe theirs is the only truth. I refuse it with all my heart! But i dont want to be one of them. I want to be a catalyst that has the power and urgency to change for the better. That traditions can be honored without being held captive by it. That just because its the norm, it should be followed. Wrapping one’s mind with only what he sees and understands now is a form of limitation. And limitation of any kind is never good for the soul. I’d be lying if i’d say i never want to see the skies again. I always dream of my bag attached to my back as i traverse around places and look where people are coming from. This is how i meet people. This is how i grow.

Life is short. Life is short. I keep saying that to myself. We can’t possibly do all the things we want to do and beg things to happen just because. Life is cruel that way. Then just close your eyes and open your doors, sing in the shower and pray hard. We fear and we take a step back; only to realize that we dont have to live long- we just have to live well.

Must we box everything? I put into words the manifestation of what is in my heart. You can reach me at charismamaesevilla@gmail.com


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