Taiwan: Are You Getting Lost in the Right Direction?

taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?My memories of traveling to each different countries is unique. To each, its own. the most important factor I consider when I distinguishably rate a place is the people. To me, a place is as good as the people who are living in it. All others comes second and replaceable. 

Maybe because I haven’t travelled to a foreign country for over a year, that’s why I feel apathetic.Somehow I felt the place did not welcome me warmly. Perhaps it has something to do with the cold and people are coping. Or maybe I’m just apprehensive about the impeding verdict that hasn’t yet arrived (this is a secret for now).

taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?
The street art reminded me of the PH flag. What do you think?

taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?

The place was exploding with art and juxtapositional imagery. The food did not disappoint too! There were so many cracks waiting to be explored but too bad we had limited time. 

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Honestly, I am not uber engaged with this trip only because we got lost so many times when we could have used those times to see more of the city. But then I realized, hey! getting lost is a big part of the adventure. I was too stiff and weary about not finding my way back, but that’s how it is when you travel to a foreign land right? I feel its unnecessarily unwanted that the local taiwanese people are not as friendly as I hoped they would be. Most probably it has to do with the language barrier. We got shouted by bus personnels twice on the road because we couldn’t understand what was going on. Some just shrugged us off when we ask for directions but it helped my anxiety that my companion never takes it seriously.

taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?

When we did not find  the exact bus stop, my friend just casually danced on the street. She has chilled bones. So unlike me! Deep down I was panicking. I’m anxious probably because I stayed on my mainland for too long. I forgot that when you are immersed on a different culture, people will challenge you on all sides. That’s a good thing because then, you keep on learning. You learn to adjust your sails and lenses.

taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?

One thing that boggles me is that vehicles do not make any noise, by which I mean they don’t honk or beep even when you are in front of them! They will either just stop or swerve away without any notification. The good side is, there is no noise pollution which is totally the opposite here in the Philippines where you will find the most undisciplined and impatient drivers. Apparently they will honk for all the tiniest reasons. The bad side though is, you will never know what’s coming. Literally.

It’s your own timeline. Everything else is just noise. – Jamie Varon

taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?

That’s why if you look outside for fulfillment, if your happiness relies on the mercy of a location or a destination, you would but find yourself disillusioned. Joy is an internal issue. A heart diagnose. Taplin said, Happiness is not a checklist, a dream job, a fast car, a good home, even love, mean nothing at all if you haven’t yet found a way to feel full and content in your own mind and heart.

You have no business anywhere if you do not own your life yourself. With the years I keep wondering where has all my muchness went? I came to the conclusion that, I did loose my ideals, I just grew out of it to accommodate growth in my life. Turns out, changing from how you used to be before is not a bad thing. It just means you’re learning. Going out of the box more often than not and exercising yourself no matter how inconvenient it feels, to push through those walls of oppression.

The magnifique that is Taipei 101!

But don’t let it bring you down. Taiwan has the best things to offer. They weren’t kidding when they said it is the haven for all foodist! I mean the food is beyond amazing! CNN ranked Taiwan as the world’s best food destination. Followed by the Philippines?! 


Perhaps I have been living in my comfort zone for a while that I’m back to searching for validations and getting scared of rejection. But also I fear complacency. Complacency has me scared and reluctant again. Thank God because I have a companion who is also searching things of passion and purpose. Thanking her for pushing me because I needed it.I have been cozied for years so I need to find my way back into the wild, daring adventures and getting my creative inspiration back!


taiwan are you getting lost in the right direction?


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