13 of my Must-bring Essentials to the Beach

Must-bring Essentials to the Beach

Must-bring Essentials to the Beach

Going to the beach?

Kalanggaman Island to be exact.

I have learned that in order not to forget the essentials, I need to make a list beforehand. A compilation of some sort, about the things I must bring because a.) I forget easily b.) I’m reducing the stuffs I carry when I travel for efficiency purposes. Especially when that trip is to the beach.

Kalanggaman Island has rose to popularity as one the most beautiful, hidden beaches in the world. Now that it has been romanticized, tourists are flocking to my small hometown more often. Nothing is really quite outstanding in my mundane hometown, except for when you talk about the majestic that is Kalanggaman Island.

I wrote an introductory post about it, way back in 2012, the first time I set foot on the island. I will never somehow forget about it because that was the last time I spent with Jade.

Now, I’m coming back because that’s just how Kalanggaman Island is – a place you would want to return again and again.


Must-bring essentials when going to Kalanggaman beach



  1. Lip Balm  [born lippy by Bodyshop]

  2.  Sunblock spf50 [by Hawaiian Tropic]

  3. After-sun gel [calming lotion by Celeteque]

  4. Umbrella

  5. Sarong/Long scarf

  6. Longsleeve Rashguard (mind you it’s very hot in the island)

  7. Goggles for snorkeling

  8. Flipflops

  9. Fedora Hat (my preference)/ or any hat to shield your face

  10. Lots and lots of drinking water

  11. clutch bag for your cellphones, ipod/ipad & coin purse

  12. 2 piece/ 1 piece bikini wear

  13. Aviator sunglasses [by Mango]



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