Must-Have Wardrobe Items I’m Keeping Until Next Year


As I officially leave the calendar this year, perhaps prior to that inevitable demeanor I already had subtly left the flashy fashion scene. I realized I have been opting for low-keys, plain & basic wears. Whether it is going to work or attending an event, I think I had become the minimal punk. That’s right. I’d like to call it that.

Aside from the skimpy hot weather of tropical Asia, relaxed and breathable clothing is a must. I accepted that I’m way out of my teenage years. Given my metabolism and usual distrust for loud music, I’m barely even millennial ha! But there are some pieces that makes up for an original style that I would rather not give up. Flashy and trendy fashion is honestly not my style. There was of course a time where I hoard clothing like a disease but as time passed I healed from the impulsive buying of the unnecessary.

The items depicted above are the pieces I have shockingly worn many times than I care to admit. I might consider them staples because they just bode perfectly well with any of my other stuffs. You know there are times where I don’t have time to thoroughly think what I want to wear for work [well, I’m permitted to wear sweatpants though] but a girl’s got to give. When times like that happen, I grab anyone of these, pair it with a basic white, gray or black tee/bottom then I’m good to go. I feel most comfortable and when I feel comfortable, my brain works like a well-paved highway!

How about you? What are your uncompromisable items?




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