The truth and my quotable quotes (Part II)

what to do when emotionally messy
what to do when emotionally messyThe new year is so weird the way it makes you think about time. I think that’s why people put so much pressure on themselves to have fun. I mean I guess I sort of get it. – Haley Dunphy


Before we know it, the next time we bat our eyes it’s gonna be 2017. Yep, that’s right another year has passed. It’s only 15 days ’til Christmas and 22 days before the New Year. Should I be anxious about that? (I’m trying not to).  And what do I do to calm myself down? – I write. I write my blues away. I write so that I understand myself further. That’s the only way I can hush myself from jumping off a cliff (metaphorically speaking) to keep my mind from analyzing every particle of life.

In my instagram account (@deercharisma) I create text images or quotable quotes to track down my thoughts. I use the hashtag #charenmakesquotes. And to cap off the year of what has been in my threshold, I had all this. Then I realized a great part of it was about my perspective about love, relationship, companionship. Which brings my memory back to the line of Angelica Panganiban in That Thing Called Tadhana: “Aren’t we suppose to be great by this time?”

Exactly the same question I ask myself day in and day out.





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