Vorfreude Scene


I’m the kind of girl  who watches ghibli, run like wild better on hots days, prefer to camouflage than seek the limelight, stow away with books than drool over pop. When everyone’s noisy I’d be sitting quietly waiting for the storm to pass and when everyone’s without a fuss, I’d be like hey! let’s paint the town red! I can experiment with wasabe and make vinegar as my side dish, go on and on staring at the floor or maybe at times dance like a rockstar in the shower. This is me – contradicting with extremities. Because only dead fishes go with the current. One day, I would want someone to go backpacking with me into the woods. We will come back with blisters and bites and rage about how awesome it was to get lost and listen to the silence of nature. Who, when we travel to cities of unknown would get crazy enough to try anything and everything. And while we soak ourselves in the beach and get our sunkissed tans; readily without any qualms, skip the poise and be unbridled by other people. We would get startled together trying what’s new and we would fuel ourselves with endless possibilities. Me & Him – living without borders.


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