8 Things to Comply When You Want to Work Abroad (for Filipinos)


1. passport

This takes about 1 month to process in DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs). Take note that as of 2016, they will only entertain applicants who has registered and booked an appointment online. Before you go near to any branch, make sure you have a printed copy of your scheduled appointment, be it for first time applicants or renewal.
NOTE: they will let you sign a waiver saying that you have understood and accepted that there will be delays in the issuance of your passport due to some major transitions they are working on in their system. Usually it takes only 10 days for regular processing but now it will have to take 20 days before they can release.

Estimated Fee: P950.00 (regular processing)/ P1,200(rush processing)

2. working visa

This will be provided by the embassy from the country where you have applied. Normally, an agency (manpower) will process this in your behalf but if you are applying personally then you have to check and gather all the data needed for the grant. Some countries now provide it online but others will stamp/ stickered it inside your passport.
  1. offer letter/ work contract with either direct employer or via agency
This you have to ensure for yourself as many others are getting scammed by a lot of bad guys. Thinking that they will have a nice, decent job on their point of destination. I can only say this for myself but you have to be vigilant and meticulous in validating all the documents presented to you. Make sure before signing any documents or hopping on that flight that you have all the necessary and legitimate papers contracting and securing you as an individual. Educate yourself. Read informative articles, know (up to a certain degree) about the country you will be going to. It would not hurt to learn about the culture, what you can expect and of course a basic background of their language. It will really help you a lot in many sticky situations in the future.

Estimated Fee: (depends on the country of destination)

3. resume

and because I’m a girl scout, I’d like to keep important things handy. One of which is my resume. You know, for people to get to know me and my professional background. Your resume has to speak to your employers. You have to make them believe that you are serious and that you have skills to back you up in front my many challenges.

4. official identification cards

Just like a tourist, because you will be in the first few days of arrival. You’re going to have to prove yourself. IDs like your driving license and  credit card/s will count. SSS, Pag-ibig, Unified ID, TIN will not have much of an impact as the latter but just come prepared. You might need this when checking in on a hotel, bank applications, opening a mobile plan. These things are very important for your survival and basic living.

5. reserve copy of your personal details (passport details, address of your working destination, contact person, contact number)

You know when you’re in the airport they make you fill up a bunch of forms? Yes I know, it’s a hassle to   stir all those informations, taking out your ID numbers, passport numbers, contact numbers etc.. It’s a lot of numbers right?! It would be a breeze and would save you a lot of time if you have a ready-made list of all the relevant data that is within reach.  You can save it as a note in your phone, a screenshot or a little piece of paper stuck in your wallet. I don’t know, whatever feels good for you. You do it.

6. NSO birth certificate (live birth certificate)

There’s a hotline or a website you can go to, to request for it. You don’t have to wake up early and stay in line for hours and hours waiting for your turn to get a copy. You can do it online and it will only take 3 days to 1 week tops before they can deliver it on your doorstep. Internet FTW!

Estimated Fee: P300.oo – 350.00

7. NBI certificate (national bureau of investigation)

I hate to say that it’s troublesome to get this because you have to go in person to the nearest NBI office. Personal appearance is a must because you will be finger-printed and photographed for this. And by the way, for those uninformed individuals living in a rock for quite sometime (just kidding) the validity of this type of clearance is only for a year. It can also be broken down into 2 types of purposes (as I know) 1. for local reasons (employment or otherwise) 2. for traveling abroad (employment or otherwise)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Take note that as of 2016, they will only entertain applicants who has registered and booked an appointment online. Before you go near to any branch, make sure you have a printed copy of your scheduled appointment, be it for first time applicants or renewal.

Estimated Fee: P115.00

8. Medical Exam

It is imperative, in conjunction to your own physical wellness that you need to get yourself thoroughly examined by the professionals and make sure they have cleared you officially to be physically sound and fit to work. Not is it only compulsory but to for the individual to know the limitations of his/her body. Most companies will require that you will get a drug test as well.

Estimated Fee: P1, 400 (Basic checkup + drug test)

Most of these requirement will have zero relevance outside of your country. Locals will no longer be asking for an NBI copy to qualify you for a job or check the relevance of your identification through an NSO certified birth copy. Trust me, the only thing that will matter when you’re on foreign grounds is your resiliency and hard work. Putting a name for yourself will be a tough run I can guarantee you that. That is why its much better to put more emphasis on preparing yourself physically and emotionally. Hmm, physical you might ask? That’s right. For Filipinos, working abroad is not a walk in the park. I have got to establish that first. I think I speak for many when I say, we go out to provide better opportunities for our families back home. This means you must have the strength to endure. Health is wealth. Be sure you are ready to take on anything and its an imperative you are healthy and well before doing that.


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