Dear Silhouette Lover


A photo by Benjamin Combs.

After watching the kdrama series Oh Hae Young Again, I got myself compelled to spill the beans of love. In fact, I got so inspired I found myself capable of doing lovey-dovey stuffs. But before ruining myself completely, I’d like to document this letter I’ve made last night to commemorate my love for love.


We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.
– C.S. Lewis


Dear Silhouette Lover,

I’m in love with love itself. I have always been yet there’s no name, no face attached to it. The way it moves my soul, the way I long passionately. I imagine you walk in silhouette form, in waves I can’t catch. How can I? When I don’t know who to account this feeling for? All I’m certain is you make my heart ache in a way that I long for. Not the kind that hurts all your insides but the kind you burn with willingly.


Who are you? Reveal yourself to me. I crave for my own strong love but I’m afraid of wanting something I know I may never get. With this how can I settle for less?


Can I tell you how much I love you even if I haven’t met you? Is it okay to love you in silence, in fullness and in wanting? That I grasped for air deeply whenever a thought of you arise. I had to- because my air is one breath short whenever I think of you. And that is the thing with this love I have – it catches up to me like a thief unannounced. Grabbing my power, leaving me mad.


Why can’t you just exist in simpler terms? Subtle and non-evasive. For I cannot decide if I wanted you to leave me alone or grab me by the horns. But whatever you decided I hope you make up your mind completely.  Hurry now and find me.








  1. In love with the idea of love. Very interesting. Have you ever been in love before?

    As someone who has been in love multiple times, and really deeply too, one thing about love is how painful and hurtful it can be. So it’s not all roses and ice cream. The highs are incredibly high, but so are the lows.

    Another sad thing about love is unrequited feelings and attraction. In my life I’ve had 5-6 girls interested in me, but I didn’t feel the same way. The 5-6 girls I’ve been interested in did not feel the same way about me. You can’t help who you develop an attraction towards, it just happens or doesn’t happen. It’s so weird, almost a cosmic error when 1 person really wants another, but not vice versa. Very hurtful too, right to the core. Feels like God is playing some form of sadistic game.

    It’s a nice feeling, it totally takes over your mind, body and soul, so you crave it. However, I feel it may be something fleeting, even if you find love it may not last. People often have the wrong intentions as well, for men it’s mainly just wanting the sex part, for women the money part. So people looking for love get hurt by these impostors pretending to want love but are in it for something else.

    Regardless, good luck in finding whatever it is you’re looking for.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We all feel differently about love. It is never about I’m right and you’re wrong or vice versa. But I refuse to be bitter about it regardless of all the animosity you have mentioned (it maybe true for some if not most). I refuse to cloud my judgment but I understand where you’re coming from. Not because I’m oblivious or for the lack of a better term- unexperienced. And to answer your question. Yes. I have been in love. I do not deny the existence of pain when it comes to love but I don’t consider it a cosmic error nor a sadistic game that God plays. And I have no intention of debating about it. Anyway, this is just a mere letter. Have a nice life!


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