Staycation Avenue + The dangers of pursuing your passion

A weekend staycation at Montebello is all it takes to clean the clutter in my head. I was not oriented that a zen-hidden nook can be found in the middle of this noise-combusting, smoky city of Cebu. The spanish-inspired villa hotel has all this instagrammable corners I cannot resist posting.






And yes, it’s okay to stop beating yourself up when things aren’t the way you think they’re suppose to be.

If you know me you’d reckon the seriousness of my statement. As a person who has the major intensity of finding purpose and meaning in everything, I will break your bubble now. Not that there is really no meaning and purpose for each one of us. However, trudging the road with only that in mind is a deep manhole you don’t want to be trapped. Trust me. I have.

Still I believe that it’s important though to live life with full intent. That’s the only way to go. But I’d like to share the dangers of being consumed by it. Somewhere when you realize that the white picket fence and the fat bank investment is not the end goal, that’s when the real journey begins…

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  1. If the goal of our life is to live free from doubt, we are doomed. Our goal must simply to be faithful where we are and with what God has given us.

  2. Accept your situation head on. Face it. don’t run away, don’t stay either but face it. Look it straight in the eye and get it on.

  3. Find the courage to laugh at your misfindings and miscalculations. to take time to enjoy the small things. It’s an internal emotional issue rather than any external factor easily affecting you. (in other words- inner peace)

  4. God doesn’t want anyone to stress out about life. The climax of any spiritual motivation is not certainty, but faith in the midst of constant confusion and choosing to act on that faith. Our only true, core purpose is to be in community with God. Everything else is an outworking of that.



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