The truth and my quotable quotes

Hello July!
Last week the rain started pouring.As expected we were figuring out how to go home amidst the flood and the overarching pains of traffic building up. I walked straight 2 kilometers to ride a jeepney and came home to find my house flooded and all that jazz. To top that, my phone won’t send any sms, my wifi refused to connect and my needy stomache demands feeding. Needless to say, I had to wipe my floor, ate and hoped for the best.
The rain being the catalyst of my aching heart. Sentiments aside and all kidding halted, all the honest feelings I could muster in me is of the battle and the battle alone. The fight between who gets the throne of my peace.
This is when I gathered my ponderings and made some of my original quotes. If you like them, hope you share them!





I’ve said enough tonight.

Rejoice your life away!!


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