7 Approaches on How to Style Yourself Better

Fashion is a choice. At least for me. And when I say this, please don’t think I’m talking about the latest trend. Sometimes I do get why people (mostly girls) stay on top of what’s new. While me on the other hand enamours to state something. That and of course wearing what makes my skin comfortable. I had been in the business (before) of knowing what’s what. And like what most designers and fashion bloggers would tell you – it is all about having your own style and just being confident. Two things you should bear in mind before going any further on this post.


Disclaimer: I am not a fashion mogul. But for those who compliment my outfit sense and keeps asking for styling advices, this is for you.

When in doubt, wear black.

Yep! you will find this in any fashion site. It’s a staple. It’s a basic. When you feel blue, for those days when you wake up confronted by a mysteriously messy wardrobe and nothing rings a bell- stick to this idea! This won’t fail you I promise.

sparkly top: h&m
sparkly top: h&m

 Denim Jacket is my go-to place.

It’s humid, it’s hot and it’s dusty from where I live, so in order to avoid what I would feel demeaning to my #ootd I got a denim jacket on top of my closet essentials.  When it gets sturdy- my denim jacket covers everything! To achieve that classic look this piece would make it look even.

charen and camille
chambray shirt: gap
esprit denim jacket wardrobe staple
denim jacket: esprit

If it gets boring accessorise. accessorise.

souq al bahar
purple cardigan: zara, skirt & flats: forever 21, white tee: gap, belt: mango, studded crossbody bag: bookmark


Contrast your top + bottom.

light colored top = dark colored bottom and vice versa. Print on print can be tricky but picking the right color to compliment your complexion is an assignment.

croptop & maxi skirt: ukay-ukay, clutch bag: daiso, watch: valentino rudy

70:20:10 Remember this ruling

This I learned from a style training we had when I was still working in Gap. For one to have an effective, well-rounded wardrobe you better adhere to this ruling. This means your wardrobe should be composed of

70%  basics (basic, neutral colors on shirts, tees, jeans, underwear etc.) These are the essentials that you and me can’t live without. The ones you actually wear. Not on your head but on your actual body.

20% seasonal/fashionable  (you can insert some trendy items depending on the season.  Eg. your floral prints and neon blouses bodes well during summer.)

10% luxury items  (this mostly covers your accessories, bags and shoes and for those one-time rigs you award yourself for a job well done.)

Gap COE 2014
Gap COE circa 2014

You must smell nice.

A lot of people forget that a huge part of feeling and looking nice is smelling nice. It’s a whole lot of emphasis because what good is the look if actually sitting right next to you is a turn off. I don’t know about you guys, but the sense of smell captivates my soul and attracts me not only to the idea of physical projection but to proper hygiene too! The scent would also actually make other people remember you more.


l’occitane is a few of my favorite things in the whole wide world!


Buy Less. Choose Well.

I learned it tough that bombarding your closet with stuff from impulsive shopping is not a good idea. Not to your wallet and not on your long term goals. I’m a recovering shopaholic and wasting your money for things that you DON’T actually need just to impress people won’t credit you any good. People assume that all my clothes are branded and my answer is  Yes and No. Yes, I buy quality brands and No, some of my loved-pieces are from the ukay-ukay downtown. In conclusion, I only get what I think would reflect my original style. Which leads me back to the 70:20:10 ruling.

Have you heard of #capsulewardrobe? Try it.

long kimono: h&m






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