A walk in the park.

it park asia town lahug

Ruin is the road to transformation

– elizabeth gilbert



This week (or rather this month ) has been so productive so far, I think i’ve accomplished more than I give myself credit for. I know there are still more goals to achieve and that at times I still get flustered when I cannot meet them but I can see it and feel it,  I AM MOVING in a direction by faith and not by sight. emphasis on the faith which grace has been seeing me through when I let every dream, every trying, every plan, every choice go… just go down the drain. Instead, I occupy my days with pursuing endeavours and roads that lead me to self-enhancement; aka yoga, healthy living, journaling my prayers and categorizing my thoughts. I am contented with all that. Now that ALL my lifeplan has been cancelled, I am embracing the truth of God’s grace and plan. Everyday is a self discovery to the endless well of His free gift.





oxford shirt: gap, leather bag: mango, crop top/ skirt / denim shorts: thrifted



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