How to get to Cuatro Islas – the 4 scenic islands of Leyte

charen explores cuatro islas

Cuatro Islas – The 4 Scenic Islands of Leyte or so they say…


My workmates and I once again decided to rampage the summer by hopping to an island of our own. Originally our plan was to go to Kalanggaman Island, actually everything was all set- except for the part where we have to make reservations (a month) prior to our departure. Since it became the most-sought tourist destination overnight, it was impossible to squeeze our group to the waiting list. Plus, we could not abandon our plans of enjoying the summer either.So as creative thinkers, we took the higher road of searching for another leyte island to explore.


And so we found Cuatro Islas! 



It is located in Inopacan, Southern Leyte. We have to travel on a pumpboat for 30 minutes from the main land to take us to Digyo  Island – the main and the first of the four islands we’re about to explore. Or so we thought.




From Cebu we had to take a ship (pier 3) towards Hilongos Leyte where it took us 5 hours of travel. From there we took a van from Hilongos town to Inopacan within 15-20 minutes. It was still the early tides of the morning so we had to wait until 7 am for our tour guides to get going.

The ocean has a way of calming me. Not even the screeching sound of the boat engine can distract me from the peacefulness of the waves. It’s just enchanting. When others claim to be beach bums, or islanders or whatever yet they do not even respect the sacredness of the ocean. I just really want to punch them in the face. I should know. I must! because I grew up on the shores of Palompon.

Anyway back on point, I shamelessly have not yet gone to this side of Leyte before. All of us were tourists. All we knew was to pack up a good amount of food, put on our sunblock and just enjoyed a short time away from work. We didn’t plan on thinking too much and stressing about the sweltering hot weather in the Philippines. Back then we just want to take life as it is..I’ve read this somewhere and I want to make this a mantra in this point of my life where everything is still sketchy.

Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: if you choose the simple things & find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.


I thought things would be clearer by now and that by expectations, I thought things would be pretty peachy. Or so I thought again. I learned that it is just different….

charen checking in at Digyo island southern leyte

In the afternoon, we made haste on our island hopping plans that took us to the nearby second stop called Mahaba Island


fine coral sand at Mahaba Island
at the other of Mahaba island
the gang at Mahaba Island


But wait, kuya guide told us that that is it! That is all there is to the island hopping. We can neither go to the 3rd Apid Island because it’s “dirty” in a sense because its inhabited by the locals so not what you can usually label as a tourist spot and the 4th one Himokilan Island is prohibited because it is not longer a scope of Inopacan. We were slightly disappointed with this information. But oh well, it is what it is. So we just requested for the boat to put a halt in the middle of the ocean and snorkel our blues away. Although it is not a sight of a lifetime, still it is a sight to see. Overall, we had fun, we enjoyed!







FYI, these are the budget for our island hopping escapade

  1. Boat fare – 375.oo PHP (one-way trip, we took Roble Shipping @pier 3 Cebu)

  2. Van from Hilongos to Inopacan – 80.00 PHP

  3. Budget for the pumpboat (10 pax minimum) – 2,500 PHP

  4. Single Close Cottage Rent – 500.00 PHP per night

  5. Fee for cooking – 200.00 per request (you just have to give them your raw food (fish, meat, anything you just have to specify what and they will cook it your way)

All in all, our budget per person inclusive of everything is 2,500 PHP. And we didn’t even get to spend everything! so Cuatro Islas FOR THE WIN!


Now I’m thinking where to head next?? Any suggestions?








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