I can give you 4 Reasons why I love being Asian.

I love being Asian. With that being said, I am confident that God did really know what He was doing when He created everything in its place. I however am not into racial factions, bigotry, nor one-sided patriotism. I’d like to think that more than that, putting a great emphasis on one’s origin is very essential if you want to reach your dreams.  If there is one subject that I am overly in love with – it is History. Now some  really find it boring to study the origin of events and people taking place in such where and how’s but not me. I cannot stress it enough how taken I could be if the professor would start rambling of tales long ago. It’s like fairy tale to my ears.  Social Studies and Civic Cultural Activities will have my attention on so many levels. Actually, that’s one of the many reasons why traveling is my passion. I have this intricate need to know why people are people and what makes them move and have their being.

Remember: know yourself and you will always win." - Sun Tzu
my friends from all over the world!

As a Filipino, there are many traits I’d rather not say that would disqualify my intentions (shameful grin) but the multiple good trumps all the complaints I have in mind. Contrary to any cynical misconceptions, my countdown has nothing to do with demoralizing the Western Culture if you must. I am simply enumerating  (according to my opinion) why Asian qualities earn a degree of respect.


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hongkong harbor cruise


  1.     There’s a level of chivalry that oriental people possess

    – Asians are not conservative like the Arabs of Middle East. We do not wrap ourselves and shun numbers of things but we are nevertheless, kempt and reserved. If we are to speak of the old age, courting and wooing the prospect “love-of-our-lives” is a must. I’m surprised that lovers these days could just settle for an “agreement”. Where I came from it’s a “debacle”.  What gives you may ask? – It’s the surprise. The unraveling of layer upon layer of discovery.

  2.     We value the concept and definition of family

    – If there is one thing common in all soap-operas, koreanovela, chinovela etc. its that characters are filial sons and daughters. They are heavily burdened by what their parents have to say about them. Apparently, they have a say in every aspect of one’s life. May it be a bad or good propaganda but still, you have to admit that it is a crucial task to stay under the veil of family approval.  Without the family’s intervention, a person is just a faceless entity – wretched and broken. That feeling of belongingness and acceptance in the lineage is an oriental taboo that will truly never go away.

  3.     The sense of boundaries

    – ahhh the bro code, the friendship ties and whatnot. Personally, I could not somehow understand how modern people of the west could just be okay with dating their friend’s exes, or making out in public, not to mention the first-name basis of calling everyone. We Asians ( although I’m not sure if all Asian countries agreed about this but we all do anyway)  have what we call “honorifics”. There is the labeling according to age.  “Kuya, oppa, atsi, angkong, manoy, etc..” –its an emblem of respect.  You must be polite if you want to avoid a beating. There is this strict anticipation of scenarios that could be deemed unacceptable in the society. And most of us are conscious about that.

    4.    Backpacking on Superstitious beliefs–

    this is a tricky part since I’m a Christian. And as lenient and skeptic as I may be, I cannot deny the fact that my ancestors had a great deal imposing dogmas that has really become a part of my system. From the smallest detail of not clipping your nails at nighttime to not bathing after a massage is at best ridiculous for an outsider. This stems out from the roots of a detailed cultural background. I could never find a more complex yet sophisticated body of art, music, literature and civilization other than what we have in Asia in general. Though I believe that a society must grow in progress and strive to adapt the logic, they must also remember and honor their heritage. Contrary to bias, it doesn’t separate you from the majority. It will on the other hand, make you stand out from the crowd. I am truly opposed to conformation. Just because it is promoted and encouraged on television does not make it a standard-issue product! 

Remember: know yourself and you will always win.” – Sun Tzu

Gnawing on the positive side of things, I think that summarizes my love for my own ancestry.  You think you always hear it from other people or race saying that I’d rather be other than who/ what I am now and dear, I wish I can say the right words to make them feel otherwise.  If I am to be completely honest, I am not in the place where I can say I have everything that I could ever want. Or I have the best of the best but neither does Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Sheik Mohammad Al Maktoum so to speak. I only hope to aspire knowing what it feels at how a present situation can make one a better person along the way.  May we not forget that there is always something unique a single person can bring to the table that nobody ever could.


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hongkong ocean park


with a chinese entertainer
with a chinese entertainer

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