When emotionally messy- make a list!

At the moment I’m in complete hiatus with my usual routine. That includes work, daily habits, friends and companions and normal destinations. I’m not going to go through all the details because my blog is not about rants. Anyway, the other day I came across this psychological tip for a mental break and it goes:
When emotionally messy…
  • A list for what you want
  • A list for what you like
  • A list for what you want to avoid
  • A list for where you want to go
  • A list for where you want to be
Write lists until noise has structure.


And it’s exactly what I did and here’s my piece. If you are in the same crack as me, then you can make your own list too. The structure (no matter how senseless or ridiculous it may appear to others) actually helps bring clarity on a personal level. Don’t think too much when writing. Just do it. You’ll be amazed with the definition of the life you’re currently living.


A list for what you want

  • I want 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism
  • I want to build my own house
  • I want to travel and go to the places I wanted to visit, if possible with different destinations every month
  • I want to have my own savings for security and emergency
  • I want to live in a foreign country
  • I want to be anonymous and be tipping my toes because I’m a stranger in that place and that’s how I grow
  • I want to write a melancholic book with sweetened sadness but altogether powerful

A list for what you like

  • All-organic, au natural, no pollution, no traffic kind of place
  • I like to ride the trains and hear the swishing of the engines as it pulls and go
  • I like to be my own person, my go-to
  • I like to have my own set of friends to not make me feel lonely, who has my back and who listens to my dilemma
  • I like to go shopping endlessly and find nice things on sale now that’s what I call serendipity
  • I like to sit on a coffee shop one day and while reading a book, someone would sit beside me and admire the book I’m reading which would spark  a conversation

A list for what you want to avoid

  • I want to avoid zombies, the cozied, the go-with-the-flow, the regular, the fitters, the small-minds, the small-talks kind of people
  • I want to avoid stress in all forms by taking on the weight of others just because I can’t trust them and especially because I can’t let go
  • I want to avoid all the screams and noise and the insensitivity of my neighbours
  • I want to avoid the dirt, the filth, the untamed and undisciplined habits of dwellers
  • I want to avoid “tattemae”and being cunning
  • I want to avoid pretending that everything is what they seem.

A list for where you want to go

  • I want to go to Seville, Spain
  • I want to go backpacking across and all over Europe
  • I want to go to my father’s tomb and cry my heart out.
  • I want to check in a secluded resort and be overcome by nature
  • I want to go back to Japan
  • I want to go to Brazil
  • I want to go to Kalanggaman Island
  • I want to go to Bellevue, Bohol
  • I want to go snorkelling in all islands of the Philippines

A list for where you want to be

  • I want to be lying in a cozy bed, the one i bought for myself. Something I can call my own
  • I want to be in my dream house, the home I made
  • I want to be lost in a place where nobody knows me and the freedom to go knowing other people without bias
  • I want to sit in a corner cafe somewhere in Italy, unknown, hidden and just sit and admire the day, the cobblestone pavement, the alley… ahhh
  • I want to be where I’m not right now

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