The green mundane. Summer is Here

Summer is coming and nothing much more makes me happy than greens. Getting surrounded by plants and trees, that is. Last week, we went to Sirao Flower Garden and I was devastated as my heart sanked from watching people getting all so busy  taking selfies. Finding the best angle to showcase the flowers that must be admired and not used as a prop. I wish people would see…. more. Rather than snapping the moment, just be in it first and foremost.

As I watched the landscape and hue of the sunset, I saw beyond those clouds.
` Sometimes it’s really enough that all you did was breathe.`
That you exist and that it’s enough. Life comes in crashing waves or chirping crickets. Take it as it is and embrace it with an accepting hand.
Moving on, this is the part III of our photoshoot. This is actually an empty parking lot near the office and I love this unveiled area most people are ignoring. Passer-bys were scratching their heads watching us snap pictures around there. So I gave them my cup of… well, empty care.









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