How to get to Bantayan Island in Cebu


Let’s go to Bantayan Island!

So the first itinerary of 2016 for me would be to get myself tanned by going to the beach as many times as possible. That’s right. If you’d known me, you would be puzzled as to why. Why? because I hate the sun. I hate the heat. I despise anything that is a combination of summer and humidity. But what gives? I live in the Philippines and it’s the second nature of living in a temperature above 30 degrees. That’s why instead of complaining and wishing for snow, I would openly embrace the tropical weather I am in. Besides half of the world is wishing this kind of climate. Much more when you’re at the beach!


If there’s one thing undeniable about the Philippines- it’s the beaches. Enough said. See it for yourself. My group promised that as for the coming summer, we will escapade our way every month from island to island. And we shall. We did! Starting in Bantayan, Cebu


1. Go to the North Bus Terminal

– You can ride a bus going to Hagnaya
– Fare: 160.00
– (2) 15-min mini bus stop for all your peeing, drinking and whatnot needs.

bantayan island

2. From Hagnaya you ride a boat going to Bantayan Island

– Fare: 170.00
– Pier fee: 10.00
– Length of journey: 45 minutes – 1 hour


3. You can ride motorcycle from the pier to your hotel of choice

(In our case, we went to Mayet in Sta. Fe)
– Fare: 10.00 per pax
– Aircon Room Rate: 1,800.00 (good for 5 person)/ 250/bed additional
– You can rent a bicycle to use for roaming around the island, going for errands and do sight-seeing in the market, restos and lounge cafes Rate: 150.00/ the whole day.


4. Tip #1

For your dinner: Look for MJ Cafe around the market, there’s an eat-all-you-can buffet for only 175.00/ per pax. You can eat all the fresh seafood, crabs, fish etc.


5. Tip #2

Downtime: due to #islandlife, all forms of drinks are very expensive. You can either bring your own water and other beverages to save.


6. Tip #3

When going in groups, make sure that you bring enough coins and barya (small denomination bills) so when you’re “going dutch”, its an easy-breezy collection. Believe me, this was a real struggle for the “accountant/collector” of our group!


bantayan island

We had such a nice time just…. being. Living the moment. Laughing and eating our hearts out. Of course, half of the equation to the quest of having the best time is the people you’re going with. Or, you can possibly meet kindred spirits in the destination. The locals are so kind-hearted and accommodating you will really feel at home.


Let me know if you have questions, or if there’s some other destination you want to recommend. I’ll be happy to know!


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