New Year’s Resolution: NOTHING

This time is where people profess to make all things new. To vow to be better, to face new challenges and all that jazz. This blog entry is about to tell you otherwise.

I’m never against new year’s resolutions and bucketlist, in fact I am all for them but also, I don’t want to cage the possibility of making them “only during the eve before the new year comes.” I believe that it can happen all year round or during the course of your aha-moment. Those moments of realization when you finally come to the point of changing for the better and it doesn’t (sadly) happen overnight and all at once.

As part of keeping up with my…what I shall call the summoning of my creativity juju, I mustered the courage to resurrect my camera and voila! hence this photoshoot.

long kimono: H&M, hat: Terranova, shoes: Forever21, tanktop: Gap shorts: wrangler found in ukay2x


A lot of my peers have been encouraging me to turn my gaze into fashion blogging. I can honestly tell you that even with all the sass I can whip up, I’m always reluctant to do so. For one because I’m not a fan of selfies. Though there are really extinct moments such as as these that I think photographing myself  can be art rather than the norm. (and I silently wish people will think that way too.)


So in honoring the pursuit of my own brand of art, I will try to give fashion blogging a try. So here are the samples:

Credits to our joined efforts with @wanderwomanwonders who I’m proud to style and inject some fashion tips and advices.

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