4 Kdrama Love Pairs that will grow on you

It’s all about #aldubnation over here in my side of the world and I cannot help but wonder why. My (guy) friend whom I will hide his true identity is surprisingly hooked up with Yaya Dub and Alden of Eat Bulaga and I wouldn’t bother asking why. I don’t want to go down that road. And while that works for my friend, #kdrama is the only thing that works for me. I’m spilling my drama beans all over you know.I have a few comrades in the world of KPOP fangirling but given the age difference and the awkwardness, I feel embarrassed to admit that I’m somehow a fan. You would understand though if you try to watch. You’ll know what I mean. Probably, you’d find yourself staying up until 3am, with eyebags and latching on some ramen.

The thing is, you don’t fall in love with a love story unless there’s a hinging factor. That reserved, hold-back loving feeling. That’s how a love story grows in on you. That’s why I can stay all curled up at home and watch nothing but that for that reason alone.

If you haven’t found your korean niche then tada! let me introduce you to some of my favorites. Actually, the best (in my opinion). These are the ones I cannot get rid on my hard drive and secretly watch time and again whenever I feel the blues and when I need a dose of that kilig factor. In fact, no need to go out there and date. My ideal guys are somewhat reflected in this make-believe world and I’m contented with that. Beware that this is not a synopsis or a spoiler. This is my viewpoint. (In other words, I’m just a tourguide here) So, here goes nothing…..

wild romance2


—— his robotic and emotionless air + her nerdy, geeky, love for erotic books, orphan- since-childhood history. Most of her life she was just living with her fantasies and imagination. She’s quirky and has no pretensions whatsoever. Meanwhile the guy is so reserved and stiff who holds all his emotions bottled up inside. But then when he met the girl, she was able to coax the desire out of him. Some of the most rewarding & amazing love stories are not filled with intense drama or over-stimulations. Those that are elusive, naive and gentle in nature is more captivating than the ones we highlight most of the time.

– Lee Soo-kyung as Lee Soo-kyung[5]
– Yoon Doo-joon as Gu Dae-young

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 18.55.43


—— she was a 33-yr old divorcee with nothing to show for in life. Living with the only thing that sparks her interest- food! Meanwhile He is a PR – Awardee. The friendly neighbor everyone can always count on. In fact,it makes him very popular with girls that its getting on his nerves. He tends to be optimistic and
always see the good in people and everything. But most times, what falls flat on your palm are always the unexpected dilemmas you did not see coming. Take for example, falling in love with the Noona on the next door. Their love/hate relationship is not uncommon but what you wont take for is how things can just turn around in an instant. Just like how life goes! and they both find themselves drawn to each other regardless of the circumstances and the pressures surrounding them. That expression on his face though. That disconcerting air. The eyes of concern and yearning. Age is just a number! #notetoself . LOVE HAPPENS ACTUALLY.


The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자

Some call it sloppy. Others call it cheesy but for me the story was FFTO (fresh from the oven). This is an opposite from the list above considering that it’s kind of a May-December love affair. The guy being young and the girl being older than him. I can somehow relate to the struggle of an early-30’ish who wants nothing but to hold her life together as much as she can. But the more she tries to, the more things get out of hand. Then came a junior who wants nothing than to be a part of her life. No matter how crucial that maybe. She was so afraid of wanting someone she may never have in the long run. It could just be Kim Bum’s charm but the way this story was presented got more interesting because it was raw and brutally honest. It talks about women’s struggle with society’s demand and pressure. The reality that most women are objectified and down-classed be it in work or in the house.

– Park Jin-hee as Lee Shin-young
– Kim Bum as Ha Min-jae



I reckon this would just be another kdrama that would get in my way of killing spare time. Turns out, Manager Do and Song Yi can hook you up and give you many a sleepless night just to make sure you won’t forget his stoic but eclamptic facial expression. Like a shell, you have to coax this guy to bleed his love and admit his feelings. But of course, he has to in order to make the episodes run. You know some onscreen couple who truly got the chemistry? Yes, this pair makes it to the top. Even though its an opposite in reality but still, they can portray the best characters and not be bothered with it in the end. Gaaaa, their story is just simply… igniting. Makes you think maybe your man is truly out of this world and you can’t wait for him to fall from the sky.

– Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
– Jeon Ji Hyun as Cheon Song Yi


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