Hometown Palompon: Kalanggaman Island before it became a mainstream

A tribute to my cousin Jade, this was our last time together. Reminds me to cherish every present moment given to spend with your loved ones.

AND so the summer beach bumming begins… this place reminds me that growing up near the ocean is a priviledge. water calms me.

2013-11-09 06.21.35

2013-11-09 06.21.39

2013-11-09 06.22.33

2013-11-09 06.22.38

2013-11-09 06.23.01

2013-11-09 06.24.41

2013-11-09 06.24.45

2013-11-09 06.25.12

My Hometown: Palompon,Leyte Philippines

Not a few moons ago, nobody from my neighborhood would have been proud to promote their origins if not for the existence of this virgin, hidden and pristine Island we call Kalanggaman. It was so hidden and unknown due to the fact that you have to cross an open sea in order to get there. Legend has it that it’s a haven for supernatural beings that if you choose to take anything that belongs there, expect that your trip back to the mainland would be a disaster. You would be facing a lot of big, scary waves. A lot of my acquaintances has experienced a near-death encounter in the sea all of a sudden. That’s why it is best to leave everything behind and never be boisterous when in Kalanggaman.

Three things to remember when in Kalanggaman

1. Don’t take anything precious that will caught your attention in the realms of the island.
2. Be mindful of the sudden dropdown and tide rise because the sea depth level is unforgiving. This island faces an open sea and it is known to have a mysterious waterspout. So never attempt a sudden dive. A korean tourist happened to die due to his rush.
– A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water. They are connected to a towering cumuliform cloud or a cumulonimbus cloud. In the common form, it is a non-supercell tornado over water.
3. Cover your food. Because insects and flies are sure gonna be greeting your plate.

Unknown to many, Cruise ships are starting to dock in Kalanggaman Island as part of their tour (usually Dutch Cruisers). They have the opportunity to do snorkeling, and various activities around. Talk about sight-seeing of tall, European guys in skimpy trunk suits (trust me, it’s happening!)

2013-11-09 06.21.44

2013-11-09 06.26.002013-11-09 06.23.26

2013-11-09 06.23.34


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