Standing on Solid RAK: Ras Al Kaimah,UAE

RAK museum


Ras Al Kaimah: The farthest emirate

One fine day it descended to me like fire, i mustered up the courage to go on a road trip alone.  So i got up early 9am ( thats too early for me!) with full intention to go to the farthest emirate there is here in UAE. With only my camera and my pad as a companion. Clearing out my head as i go through each of the town we have to stop to. I saw for myself how the color of the sand changes from every emirate. Well, there was gray, too dark shade of a brown,  beige and orange.  I saw for real how God has really put streams in the middle of the desert literally. And how the camels passed through along side of the road as part of their exercise.  I can only assume. Its as though ive been transported to the time of Jesus, i imagined how he went up to the desert and fasted for FORTY days, and as i saw the authentic, old middleeastern houses, how strange it would be to go and minister as did peter and paul. As i rummaged into the museum and examining all the artifacts those people left behind. I felt priviledged to be able to see the relics of how they used to live in those ancient days.  They have lived for so little and yet it was all there was to it and i believe they were settled.  Compared to people these days where technology has taken over our lives.  I may possibly be guilty of this.  Yet they were so happy then with less than what i have now.  Peaceful. Serene.  Simple living. Something that people dont know how to deal with these days.  They need the complication, the attention, the chaos to make them feel they’re alive. They want their adrenaline rush ALL THE TIME. I may not have grown up with their cultures and most of the times, i find myself flustered how they do things their way, its still a mystery to me.  Beats me all the time, how men rub their noses with each other as a greeting.  Nevertheless, this trip has been so meaningful and helpful to me. A reminder that there are a lot of things i need to be grateful for.  Although UAE, is surrounded with afflictive wars, but its like being in the eye of the storm. I should be thankful that my environment is peaceful its like an oasis in the middle of the desert. 

 When i was a child, one of my fantasies is to be able to travel the world and having that as a dream in the ’90’s is quite a far flung fetched if you know what i mean. I wasnt rAised in a very well-off family but we were never prohibited to dream big. I may not have the conventional turn of events like settling down, marriage, kids and all those stuffs but what i lack in my lovelife i make up for travel time. I see the grass outside the fence. I see a group of race, the observance of their ways and the reason why people are people. Humanity at its most absurd finest.  In my line of eork, people come and go, the rich, the poor, the mediocre, all of them have one thing in common – dissatisfaction.  Whether, in material possession or emotional inadequacies they all seem not to get enough.  Ill let you in on a secret, i love people- watching. Is that weird? Sometimes, id like to sit at lunch watch people go about , some i envy but most seems like zombie to me. 

Anyhow, before i could go any further ,  these Are the idyllic pictures that brings a simmer to my thoughts when i think of them… Ahhh…. The breeze… Of a far away desert mounted below crimson skies… 

Being on a roadtrip alone can be your most liberating experience

DSC09877 DSC09881 DSC09882 DSC09883 DSC09892 DSC09893 DSC09897 DSC09898 DSC09900

If you want to see the 7 different changing of sand colors, ride the bus. It’s worth the trip!

Known fact: which i was so ignorant about, is that to get to Ras Al Khaimah, you need to pass by Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain which are the other emirates. So its like hitting 4 birds with 1 stone! If you did not know, its in my #bucketlist to visit all #7emirates. When I got there, I walked to and fro and all in all, it was a very exhausting but productive day. I apologize for taking me so long to publish this article! I swear, its like i have to literally drag myself to log in here. But Alas! Im hoping you will see what my eyes see. how the scenic view in a far away town speaks for itself.

DSC09908 DSC09909 DSC09910 DSC09911 DSC09912 DSC09913 DSC09914


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