Korea: The land of the morning calm.

tradititonal joseon houses


Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 [hello]

The first day, I was sitting in a sidewalk cafe at midnoon sipping my apple latte watching the view from my window opposite the Chaekdokgyung Palace. i still cant quite place the fact that I was there.The First time i went outside the hotel, the snow streaking down and the cold settling in my body. I was a stranger on that land and locals can only be so friendly. As a tourist thirsting for adventure, I put on my gloves and started to fight the cold. I miss the cozy feeling of the streets and the dead trees that says nothing much but of the elusive. I was too scared to travel alone but I did it anyway, i might as well give everything a try. Maybe that’s what I forgot already. You know, to see everything with new eyes. to give everything a chance. The food was really great! It’s more than how I imagined it to be. People around the world, here or there, whether the ones standing next to you or the ones million miles away, their concerns are almost all familial, simple and unabridged. you might not be able to understand them but its not at all herculean. I started thinking, maybe, i’m here for a reason. Those reasons need not be grand. Maybe I’m just given an opportunity to witness, to remember the ways of people. To be shown kindness. Maybe I’m not not bound to meet anyone here – not for now. This is all just exposure. What matters is i am out there. Putting it all out there. As I walk through those pathways & alleys, seeing things old and new. Seeing them with a new pair of perspective. Im worried that Im not savoring the moment enough.

“No man is an island. A real warrior turns solitude into a main weapon ” –Paulo coehlo ( The Pilgrimage)

Only when you appreciate the core of loneliness will you learn that all of us needs everything and everybody. And we take all the help and spare we could get.” A place is as good as the people you’re living with” says a guy from the movie I was watching in my hotel room. And true indeed. It’s been a long time I’ve been so alone. I dont know if that stems from the lack of trying or just a personal preference or a conscious choice. I’ve told myself time and again – if I can make it in DXB then I can make it anywhere. So I did!  I swear riding the train in Seoul is like deciphering a code but if I discerned the Arabic way then there’s no problem to it. It was actually kind of fun. To get lost, back and forth, to & fro. Lowering my expectations, just being myself. You have to get lost in order to find the way. I started to love my journey as I got comfortable. Waking up late without the need to address any concern but my own. The impression of experiencing a place in your own terms is one of the best feeling for a traveler. it always almost help to place your hand in your heart and say ” KEEP CALM – GOD IS WITH YOU.” I am not alone. not really. I’m discovering everyday. when I keep walking around and mounting my marks on the places I’ve been. Right now, I feel the lack of action. when will it illuminate? But I hadn’t known Ive been doing the things I wanted to do all along.

When in Seoul, you will know why half of the world loves Korean Drama





Koreans are quite contented, settled, devoted to their own ways, embracing their own customs, loving their culture. Living their tradition until present. I’ve never known a race not struggling to fit in but by just being themselves, they’re making marks. Perhaps we love koreanovelas so much due to their authenticity. Surreal but true.  I purposely did not participate in group tours. I cowered the streets all by myself. Dreading the possible harms of being in a foreign land. ( which one time I encountered a man who stalked me all the way home with his big bike, thank God! had I not lost him) Examining every nook on the street,carefully looking on junctions & crossroads. Appreciating the ordinary routine of locals, I stopped and everything else motioned slowly. Something that doesnt happen regularly in my dubai-life.




Home to the healthiest food ever

Land of the best cosmetics you can ever find

“No-english” Ahjummas that are kinder than they look

But bottomline,

I am blessed. I cannot say I’ve travelled the whole world in my current state, but I am however living my dreams piece by piece. There is this compulsive need in me to enumerate all the places I’ve been and I’m telling you, Seoul is the place to be. If there is one place I would like to live in, that would be it! Of course, I maybe biased as an Asian but I dont care. not really. Proud of it even! xoxo

Chaekdokgyung Palace

Gyeongbukgong Palace

Korean National Museum

Insadong Antique Streets

Samcheongdong-gil Village

Bukchon Hanok–Gil

Uhnnyeong Palace

Jogyesa Temple

Admiral Sun Shin Temple

Seoul Tower

Myeongdong Shopping Place

Gangnam City 

Apgujyeong Street




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