Exploring Macau: Making Emblems of Sights Overlooked

famous church in macau


Macau is the byproduct of Chinese and Portuguese heritage fused into one

I know… I know… some may say I haven’t gotten over my last vacation escapade. Indeed, I have not. I have no shame on that! Tonight, I was going through some old pictures and I didnt plan on this. Just thought I would share this hindsights of the alleys, streets, buildings that if they were to speak, they would have so many stories

to tell to us. While in Macau, a mixture of asian and spanish heritage was collaborating to make that place

astoundingly beautiful. Though, it may seem to many that Macau is only a destination for gamblers and casino-lovers, the infrastructure begs to differ. I may not have been to a lot of places (yet) but I can tell, that place

has an interesting story to tell.

I havent been diligently catching up with my reading these days due to being spread thin on so many aspects.Nor can I complain what life has handed me recently. I just learned that time circumvents in ways you have never imagined. Wait and see… or taste and see ( as the bible said)…. that  the Lord is good.I could recall a lot of experiences and tales my life has led me up ’til this point. I’m proud to say that my journey has been enriched more than I could have anticipated. Some was full of bittersweet sense to them, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am still an unfinished claypot though. There is still more to work on and I can say with a hopeful heart and immaculate anticipation that I am looking forward for the best days of my life yet. Its like what I always refer to in my prayers :: Being prepared to be launched. You cannot fly if you have too many baggages attached to you. Bulging with toxic and heavy emotions will just wear you out.So my solution?? cry if you have to, Laugh as much as you can, eat your heart out and never betray yourself.Because when it comes down to anything, you’re only fooling yourself if you pretend who you are not.

I am confident at this: God will bring into completion what he had began in me….

As I have blog previously, I have read this book Painter of Battles and this lines were my favorite part:

” I dont have a problem, she said finally. ” I’m a comfortable girl with no responsibilities and no complexes. I dont pose for couturiers or magazines or photograph luxurious interiors for magazines intended for society ladies married to millionares.

I’m a simple tourist of disaster, happy to be that, with a camera that serves as a pretext for feeling I’m alive,as it was in those long ago days when every human had a shadow glued to his heels. “

What good is a life you’ve been given if all you do is stand in one place?

In light of the journey, I am sure this pictures might have been uploaded already in my friend’s fb accounts but I’m pretty sure these was slightly overlooked and got lost in the middle of the group poses and selfie portraits.  but if you are reading this, please take time to ravel over them and appreciate the view just as I did.












Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before – Dalai Lama



  1. Glad you enjoyed Macau and saw past the surface. Just thought you might want to know, though, it is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences, not Spanish, handed back to China by the Portuguese in 1999.

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